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Default Someone's Coming For Me?

Well I got a few emails from someone who is totally jealous of my site (, his is:

They are as follows:
"oh youre a guy, hell i thought u were a pussy girl i mean i never saw a guy as nuts as you so i figured u were a blond or something it made alot of sense but okay youre a guy well i will then fuck your life up i already got through to some people who know as much as me, but i wont get caught if u go to the cops or something and then the fun will begin man, i really dont care anymore what u have to say to me, if u want leave the site up at i really dont care i gave of on trying to be nice with you and maybe even making up and ill just send them loose, so dont reply b/c i really dont want to know what u say, but hopefully u got insurance or whatever on your credit n' stuff because those guys will really fuck u up, i mean i am paying them about 1000 dollars for this so enjoy and hopefully well meet once with you behind bars for some maybe drugs or something, i had enough and u will see my wrath now, no money could get rid of those guys, so i advise u to disconnect your modem and router and hope for the best because i will if i were you.

Hopefully they dont really fuck u up bad, it will be a lose for the idiotic and mentally retarded people.
Fuck You Drum,
I cant wait for monday thats when they could do it,"

Although I highly doubt he's doing anything, what would you guys do?
I thought I could help 'allipodhax' out with a site but they all turned on me. iPodGamez, Labaom, WillKill07, AllipodHax, are all involved for some damn reason.

Any comments?

Then he sent me another email titled 'your city', he put "Chattanooga, TN", which is on the other side of the country from where I am kinda.

Then I got an email saying to 'reset my windows live password' so yeah he's trying to figure some stuff out...

Any comments?
I could post the full story if need be...
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