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Default FS- Parting out an HP ZE5300 Laptop


I'm parting out an HP ZE5300 laptop that looks like it had coke spilled on it a while back (too far back to save) it might have fried, and I do know that the lights and fans turn on, but it does not boot.

However, the rest of the parts do still work, such as the IR, LCD, Heatsink, DVD-ROM, Floppy, HDD (40GB), CPU (2.5GHz) no bent pins.

the casing is in pretty good shape, and includes the keyboard if anyone needs it. The battery (i think) is dead, the heatsink is a dual fan heatpipe design that looks like it might be modified to fit something, or just used as decoration (very clean and looks awesome)

I will sell the motherboard if anyone thinks they can fix it, but I must stress that it will be sold AS-IS. I can also put it back together and sell it as such, but no guarantees on it's functionality or put-together-right-edness.

These parts are all pretty well taken care of, and have a usage time (according to the person that gave it to me) of about 2-3 years.

I have NO idea what pricing would go for this, so everything is best offer and motherboard is as-is.

That being said, pictures will be posted no later than tomorrow afternoon and LMK if you have any questions.

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