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Default Need help upgrading my BIOS...

I need some help regarding updating my BIOS. Given that I do not have access to a harddrive (one of the reasons I'm doing this) and that my laptop has no floppy drive what are my options? I downloaded the bios update .exe I needed (is that all I need?) from Now I'm planning on making a bootable cd, but aside from the necessary boot files for it I'll have to find some sort of dos prompt to interface with (maybe even the recovery console - my Dad suggested Dr. DOS) and I'll also have to put the actual BIOS .exe on the boot disk as well. Do you think that will work? Will it boot into the interface if I make a boot disk with an additional file for the Dos/Recovery Console file and the BIOS update file? If it's not that simple will I have to modify some ini or cfg file to point to that DOS/ Recovery Console file to autoload it?

Moreover, will the .exe run in DOS mode (you'd think it would) or does it have to be used in windows (which is impossible for me)? I'd appreciate any advice, as I know some of you are much more qualified than I am.


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