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Thread: DB errors
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Default Re: DB errors

Some guy was saying that Micron is coming out with Z9 DDR3 modules with new timings and everything. He claims it will blow everything out of the water and possibly go all the way up to DDR3 2000 with proper OC or something like that.

For some reason, I still can't post in that motherboard thread. Very strange indeed. It was the Asus one that cost $250. I'll have to dig it up again............

Here it is:

ASUS P5K3 DELUXE/WIFI-AP LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

Look at what this guy wrote:

Pros: I lost my connection while trying to post my review and I am not sure if it went through so I am posting it again... Feature loaded, everything works perfect, new BIOS allows full control of CPU bootstrap and enables 1T. Great overclocker which will get even better once the Micron memory modules get released very soon. Asus is fine tuning this motherboard for Micron Z9 chips. DDR3-1600CL7 and DDR3-1600CL9 are using those chips and should be in the market soon. With this board and those modules you can hit 500FSB 1:1 @ DDR 2000 easy.

Cons: Not for people who do not understand the changes from DDR2 to DDR3 and who try to overclock and/or not understanding how the BIOS works. Its not really a CON because the board is designed with mosfets that will get hot but the power mosfets on this board do heat up quite a bit. They are rated for 120c+ so make sure your tower has good airflow. You do not need a wind tunnel, just make sure there is good intake and exhaust on the tower. The SilverStone TJ09 is working perfectly with this board.

Other Thoughts: I have to laugh at people who post reviews with the technical understanding level selected "very high" and are obviously clueless. There should be a ‘clueless’ option for that selection. The motherboard is NOT backwards compatible to DDR2 memory and neither the motherboard manual or the Asus web site claim it is in any way. Go to the 11th post down here: if you want to see the BIOS settings for Kingston DDR3 memory running a quad core @ 3.6GHz. USE THE BLACK SLOTS ONLY for high memory speeds and clocks. You must understand the BIOS in order to get the most out of your DDR3. Once the Micron Z9 modules hit the market, people who have denounced this board and others because of DDR3 is not as fast as DDR2 for the cost, will be kicking themselves for not moving ‘up’ with technology in an upgrade. "

You know, I'm probably one of the guys he's referring too about kicking myself in the head because I'm doubting the DDR3 is faster than DDR2 at this very moment, but then again, I'm not upgrading now either--hehe.
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