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Default Re: Why is windows STILL running slow ?

who do you install drivers?
i havnt really done anything with my computer since i got it 2 years ago.
i had to reformat it coz it did some weird crash where it would loop starting up over and over...
after i have reformatted i have had some problems though. i installed all my important stuff but my computer crashes at startup sometimes, i first noticed it when i got object dock

what can i do?

i have
(according to cpu-z)

AMD Athlon 64 3700+
technology 90nm voltage 1.400 v

MMX (+), 3DNow(+),SSE,SSE2,SSE3,x86-64 (whatever all that is)

single core:
core speed 2211.3 MHz multiplier x 11.0
Bus speed 201.0 MHz
HT link 804.1 MHz
L1 64 KB
L1 code 64 KB
Level 2 1024KB

i think i need some general cleening up anyone have any ideas of what i should do or whta program to use to do it?
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