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Default Re: Help me with my parents and games...

Originally Posted by Thelis View Post
^ Do not do that, it is a pretty bad idea telling them you are reposible.

Instead, have a sit down with them and discuss your feelings, tell them that you disagree with the rating policy of Video Games, and tell them that you are not going to go around copying those games. Do not try to sell them 'fighting for something' line, just tell them that kids should be allowed to play whatever they want, and if they go off copying whatever they see it is not the games, it is that the kids are easily influenced.

Once they see that you have a set standard, they will listen to you more.
exactly, and it never hurts to let your parents get involved in the games you're wanting to get...find some screenshots of gameplay and let them read some reviews on it or mom was the same way when Halo came out but my friend brought it over one day and she watched us play some of the campaign and shoot the crap out of each other in multiplayer and saw it wasn't all that bad
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