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Thread: vista or xp
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Default Re: vista or xp

Originally Posted by blackjack View Post

I prefer XP because i find that Vista tends to use up alot of resources, I only have a 40G hdd and need the Ultimate version, I have installed it 3 times now and played about with it but the most annoying thing i find is I cant use Norton INTERNET security 2005 which I love and also i cant turn off the built in image back up software so it eats my hdd capacity by half and of course it is incompatible with Norton ghost (although they are working on a version that is) ghost is a must for me personally.
you should try vista ultimate lite , pm me if you wanna know more , it runs fine on my p4 2.8ghz 512mb ram and a tnt 2 video card
Originally Posted by dude_se View Post
i just installed a copy of vlite on my sempron 3000 1.8ghz, 512mb ram, etc... and it does run well, but not like xp, it still has little ram spare and when i had home premium on it it wasnt that quick either. i thought this would win me over but it hasnt. i therefore wont be using vista full time yet till i get about 2gb ram and some other upgrades
i just installed it on my computer in my sig and it actually runs pretty much the same as xp although i have speedbost enable on one of my usb flash drives so i suppose that helps , i suppose if i load a few apps up at once it willslow down , i plan on adding more ram to my system ina f ew months taking it up to 1gb so i suppose i will have better performance then and may even get rid of the xp partition on my hard drive and not run dual boot
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