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Thread: crysis
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Default Re: crysis

8800GTX for Crysis? hmmm.....Not with 1920x1200 with AA and AF. Crysis will bring that card to it's knees. However CryEngine2 is does look very nice. The scenery is great, good lighting, and overall I think it looks phenomenal.

Unreal 3 engine looks fantastic too. But also requires a hardware premium. Alvin, you need to remember that R500 is not a bad video card at all...probably better than any 8600GTS, or HD 2600. Couple that with a cpu that has three cores, and wow....its amazing. Unreal 3 will also bring a system to it's knees.

With all that said, looking at both engines, they can't be compared. CryEngine 2 will probably not be licensed out to other companies as it is relatively new and probably the code for it is quite confusing. While Unreal 3 engine is made to be modular, made for it to be easy to understand, made so it is easy to bring to other platforms while maintaining the same efficiency that it has.

CryEngine 2 and Unreal 3 engine are all very optimized, fantastic graphics and the requirements are not insane. There are the requirements for crysis
The Crysis system requirements have not yet been released, though here's some general guidelines:

- You will need a DirectX 9/Shader Model 2.0 (or higher) compatible graphics card.

- Crysis will be backwards compatible with 2 to 3 year old PCs.

- What framerate is acceptable depends a lot on personal preference. Some people can play well with around 20fps and others will not go below 50fps. Obviously those who can't stand "low" frame rates need better hardware or they will have to sacrifice image quality for performance by lowering graphics settings.

- The only DirectX 10 compatible cards available now are the GeForce 8800s and more current 8600s. There will be more available before Crysis is released. "Vista ready" is simply a clever marketing trick used on the previous generation cards. A card with this badging is not necessarily compatible with DirectX 10.

- We do not know how much processor power is needed. Single, Dual core, Multi-core and hyperthreading processors are supported in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes.

- You do NOT need a DirectX 10 card or Vista to run Crysis.

- You CANNOT run DirectX 10 on XP. A DirectX 10 card does work on XP but only in DirectX 9 mode.

- DirectX 10 effects cannot be enabled with a DirectX 9 card.

- Almost all the older media you've seen has been rendered in DirectX 9, which means that Crysis will look absolutely awesome in DirectX 9 as well as DirectX 10. Many of the features included in DirectX 10 are possible in DirectX 9 also.

- Crysis takes advantage of 64-bit processors although only by using a 64-bit operating system such as Windows XP Pro 64-bit edition or Windows Vista 64-bit edition.

- DVD drive is most likely required

- Crysis will run only on Windows operating systems eg Windows XP, Windows Vista.
See? not too bad. So you have to say that both of these engines are VERY optimized, unlike some engines....*cough*ea*cough*
So stop your bickering and just buy the games when they come out and appreciate that your computer doesn't blow up trying to run them.
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