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Default Re: Connect to 2 networks at a time

Seems to me the best way to accomplish this would be to hardwire the Netgear Router to the roommate's router and have your Netgear's default gateway be the roommate's router lan ip address.
Roommate's routher = R1
NetGear = R2

R1 = LAN IP is WAN IP = Public ISP IP
DHCP Range =
R2 = LAN IP is WAN IP = (R1 LAN IP)
DHCP Range =

Hardwire R2 to a free port on R1. This way you wont have to configure R2 with the same SSID and configuration as R1, like you would have to if you wanted to connect R2 to R1 wirelessly. Now you can create your unique SSID and config of R2, but have it route out to the internet via R1. Make sense?
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