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Default Re: Distributed computer, CF teams.

Originally Posted by David Lindon View Post
You can run normal tasks like firefox, word etc but you can't use two FAH cores unless you have dual core ofcourse!
not entirey correct David, a HT cpu can run two instances of the console client at the same time. You need to name the FAH folders along the lines of FAH1 and FAH2 to get them to use the two threads.


Originally Posted by Le GoogelGuRu View Post
Last time I left Folding@Home working overnight my old computer was really screwed up the next morning... I don't trust trying it on my laptop. :/
Define "screwed up", I have pc's that have been running 24/7 for the last 6 months, the problem was probably caused by something else, hardware is the first port of call to investigate, FAH will quickly show up deficient hardware.

Originally Posted by CompMan View Post
My ps3 has something called Folding @home,

also will it use alot of my bandwidth?
The only time FAH uses bandwidth is when it contacts the Stanford servers to d/load or upload WU's, some can be largish (30GB) it depends entirely on what the WU is.
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