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Default Re: Here's the plan...

I just set up my wireless router in my house. I wanna try something different this time, though. I used to have it set up in my apt for my laptop and PSP to use I have a desktop PC plugged into it and I want to set it up so that I can access the files on it and use the printer attached to it on the laptop. How can I do this? Any help appreciated! Thanks, guys.
I will see what I can do. At the moment 9:08pm I have been drinking tequila and popping xanaxs for my panic attacks.

IM a little tipsy not to bad though Now, lets get started.

The desktop PC is the system you want to share files and folders, map network drives and share your printer, with the rest of the systems on your network? Is this correct? If so, install everything on the server which is the (desktop PC) and share it out with the rest of the systems on your network.

To do this you need to know the path to what you're sharing if you don't you will get generic message. Also, make sure both your desktop and notebook are running the same protocols and configured the same. Meaning, do they have the same workgroup name? Is 'client for microsoft networks' checked for both systems? If not, how they are suppose to communicate?

I think one of your systems is taking english while the other is talking french. Meaning their not configured properly to do this

No disrepect to you or anything but what your doing is MINOR and I am very surprised not one of the other members here you could walk you through the process
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