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Default Re: The joys of life, and finaces.

So, last night was probably the WORST night I've had in several years. My sister basically flipped a bitch on my family and her boyfriend freaked out because he was over and like for some reason, tried to take her with him to his house, but my Dad was like, and pardon the language, "Get the fuck out of my house" in a serious but calm voice, I laughed. Because her b/f is this Army buff dude and my dad is old and not so big, so I was like, PWNED!

But yeah, so if I've come across as an ass as of late on the forums this is why. Life as of late is INCREASINGLY stressful and my tolerance is wearing thin.

EDIT: Geeze I left out the good stuff! So the b/f left the house and decided to call the cops, for what reason, I do not know. But they came over here and they were like, "Why the heck did we get called, the parents and siblings didn't do anything." So it was like a "O'back at ya" kind of thing towards the b/f. I got a kick out of it. But man, it's so embarrassing having the police called to your house for no reason. Especially with my neighbors, they're very nosey.
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