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Default Re: Speed test (my cable is SO SLOW!)

Did they run a test on your line? I thought AT&T was supposed to have fiber to the pole, which would indicate you shouldn't have a problem with your speeds. The downside to DSL, unlike broadband (cable) is that it depends on how far away you are from the central hub in your area. For readers of this thread:

I can say that I used to work for an ISP in Nashville TN, as a HSI rep, and I used to get calls all the time from people that where supposed to be getting 6Mbps, 8Mbps down, and was only getting 3 or 4 at best. While I can see why these customers where upset, they couldn't seem to come to grips with it's an "at best" service. This means that although the advertisement says you can 6Mbps down- the reality is you will probably see 6Mbps down once every so often. Your's is on the lower side though- so you have a right to complain. For instance, I have DSL Xtreme, which is rated at 3Mbps down/384kbps up. The first site I was getting 3114kbps down, and nothing up (it froze up). The second site, I averaged 2014kbps down, and 314kbps up. That's about 1000kbps difference, pretty big difference.
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