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Default Re: R600 Specs Finally Released!!!

Originally Posted by Jenox
Generally NVIDIA releases a very powerful high end card, then ATI counters with a better product, then NVIDIA, then ATI, etc etc, but ATI has more product selection, but like i also said, NVIDIA generally has better performing products, and to expand off of this, especially in the mid-range area. The 6 series was amazing, the 6800 series dominated ATI in the mid-range.

The R600 better not be $600 though, if it is, I'm waiting that extra month for the gimped version. Whether or not is beats the 8800GTX or not i do not care, i can just CF them and call ti even. With 32x bandwidth between my PCI-e slots, it should compensate. 512Mb of GDDR3 is nice no matter what, even lowered clock speeds. It still had that 512 memory bandwidth, which will give it an immense edge over the 8800GTS 640MB.

I just hope each company prices their products accordingly. What i mean by this is yes, we still have high end performing DX9 cards, e.g 79xx and X19xx, but what they must account for is that these are OBSOLETE products. DX10 replaces them, they must release an entirely new branch of products, so that the customers aren't flooded with $400 video cards out the ass.

If either company has any bit of intelligence, they'll drop their old cards ASAP and deliver new products ASAP as well. As they say, "Out with the old, in with the new."
Heh, I'd be happy if it was $600 at release. The 8800GTX was about that, right? And how much better is this? It still costs from $550-$600.
I'll probably wait until their first price drop/updated drivers, and then shell out for it. The best thing that could happen is the nVidia releases like the 8600 around that time, and forces ATI to drop the price and release another card.

IMO, the average user isn't really going to care about getting DirectX 10. It's not really a big deal to them. As long as the computer word processes, checks their e-mail, goes online, and plays solitaire, they'll be happy.
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