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Default Re: If I bought a new CPU + Mobo

Originally Posted by watling
I play games like Css,Battlefield 2 etc i mean Css i get average ingame at lease 100fps so it can't be my gfx its just a annoying lagg im not sure how to explain it thougth

Also over past couple of days my cpu temperature has risen to nearing 60oc on minimum load but thats another question :P

But the lagg has been there before the temp

Also what about a sli motherboard and get another 7600GT? how much of a performance increase we talking about

thanks for your current help
ok if the lag is when playing online it could be you internet connection

if ya getting fps of 100 not a realy anything wrong there probs a internet connection problem

get an sli mobo you are looking at a massive performance increase

what monitor you got as well
the temp problem try dusting out ya case and doing a better wireing job maybe ?
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