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Default Re: Whos getting Vista

Originally Posted by freestyler105
Not trying to start an argument, but a debate -

6 - Uh, well, I'm not exactly a huge fan of PunkBuster, so I'm not even gonna get started on that, but it's supposed to be fixed soon and why are you playing intense games on a prerelease OS anyway?
Doesn't really matter if you like punkbuster or if you don't. There are a lot of games using it, and if it doesn't work with vista (yet!) it's gonna be really bad since almost all good servers have anti-cheat technology enabled. So if punkbuster doesn't work you can't join all the servers, and the servers you can join are a lot more likely to have hackers (because there is NOTHING (except admins, who clearly can't always be there) to stop them.
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