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Default Re: Gallery: Game Screenshots

Originally Posted by MikeReiner
Heh, well, in any case, i'm glad you got your system working. It looks like quite the monster.. is it running stable for you?
Thanks, not quite a monster yet, but yeah very stable i guess, i was 200% sure, that atleast one thing wouldnt work, like the dvd drive, or hard drive but to my suprisment, everything worked!

Here are the tempertures,


Motherboard 42 C (108 F)

CPU 1 C (34 F)

Aux 41 C (106 F)

GPU 50 C (127 F)

Seagate ST3320620AS 33 C (91 F)

.... Cpu .... 1 degrees celecius ... 3 words .. WTF. I used EVEREST home edition, it is surrounded by 3 fans, including the ultra huge 140mm psu fan... but how the heck can it get to 1 degree's rofl. Anyways, do dual core's double the clock speed, the clock speed for my core2 is 1.83ghz.. i rekon thats too, slow.
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