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Default New phone: k750i

Just got a new phone last night, the Sony Erricson k750i Was on an offer, with Pay as you Go, on O2, so I've just placed my old SIM in it.

Its 2 above the one I had, which was the T650, which I got about 2-3 years ago, haha.
It was crashing alot, and messsing up, since I did drop it loads... still functioned correctly though. It just had its funny times if you tried to make a call, because it'd reset once, or, sometimes it cut out from the network and you had to reset.

The new phones really good though!

The only thing I'm slightly dissapointed with is the camera quality, but it is a phone. Even though it states 2MP, the quality on the highest isn't the best once transferred to the PC, with the rainbow effect coming into play, like with cheaper cameras, where alot of noise is apparent. Then again, I haven't took any outside shots yet.

Comes with 32mb of memory onboard, and an extra 64mb on a Sony card that plugs into the side. Very handy

It came supplied with the USB cable which alot of phones don't also, so thats a plus.

Since its a Sony Erricson and my last one was, navigating couldn't be easier.

I just hope the navigation analog stick keeps working 100% this time, because after 2-3 years of the other one, the down button was starting to play up.
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