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Default Re: Problem with video card. Dispalying games wrong...

Originally Posted by SebM
Well like I said, the performance is great, even better than my XPS400, I can run around, everything is smooth, etc....But there is that black going over my health bar and skills and stuff, everytime something happens(like combat).

The same thing with character creation and menus, etc....When I get in, it looks normal, then if I click on something or touche a slider, it does the text overlay(like if it didnt remove the other text and just went over) and lots of things become black like the picture shows.
Graphic anomolies like that are usually due to overheating or bad video ram, have you swapped out the cards (you did say you had another pc with the same card yeah?) try switching the cards, if the problem persists in the second machine you may have got a dud card
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