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Default Re: What are your views on Mercedes and BMW?

Originally Posted by troy272
I prefer MB over BMW because everyone I know who's ever owned a BMW has hated it because it was unreliable. I like MB because they're reliable and they're nice looking inside and out, sure they're expensive but they're still cool!

Personally I'm not a fan of Japanese cars, they're too small. Even the "big" ones don't feel very big to me. I still feel cramped in them, they also feel sort of cheaply built compared to some other cars but that's just my opinion.
MB is falling in the reliability dept. My friend works as a mechanic and he's seeing A LOT of them come in with REALLY dumb problems. A lot of them come in with the same dumb problem too. I would prefer them over a BMW.

Hey alvino, whaddya think of these??

The quickest SUV.

And their Rally Car!
Building a "Mac PC" . . . . $???
Restoring a 40 year old Mustang . . . . $40K~
Building a business . . . . $Still counting.
Being this damn broke . . . . Priceless!

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