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Default Re: Do you know what you're eating?

Originally Posted by lhuser
Usually, if I want a steak, I will let it unfreese a bit on the counter then, in the fridge. One raw, I usually cook it, if it's pepper steak or marinate it. I think it's what I shall do on Tuesday.

Those meals, when you microwave them...I dunno, but they just taste...rather boxy and know what I mean.

Oh and one more thing: Screw Mcdonalds and their microwaved Hamburgers!
I know what you mean, I never microwave them, I've heard they're no good for that, I re-heat them in the oven for ten minutes more than they say, to be sure, I don't rely on store meals, I really enjoy making casseroles, I cook them in the oven in a large casserole pot, with fresh lamb, chicken & braising steak, plus vegetables, what I don't eat that day, I put into foil dishes, date them, & freeze them, I have eight there now, yum yum!
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