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Default Re: Advice on a Gaming P.C please

Originally Posted by EESeizmic
Ah cool thanks for the info i'll be buying that computer then, my last question though : Is it worth buying a 200 Graphics card :
GeForce 7900GT Chipset

256MB GDDR3 Memory

PCI-E Interface

Dual DVI Outputs

Serious Sam 2 Bundled

Zalman Heatsink / Fan attached

Is it better than the Radeon x1600 ? And is it possible 2 use them both in the same comp?
Yes, it's worth it, by all means. I was just about to reply and say not to get the X1600SE, it's almost a terrible card. The SE is the lowest of the X1600 series. It's got a 64-bit memory interface, and it has hyper memory, which basically means that it's going to use up some of that 2GB of your main RAM. I doubt it could run BF2 at medium settings with decent FPS. On the other hand, the 7900GT, though it only has 256MB of RAM, should be able to handle it much better. The only thing you'll really need a lot of video RAM for is eye-candy effects, such as anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. But there are other more important factors that influence that more than the amount of RAM you have, and the 7900GT comes out on top. It's faster in every aspect.

Everything else looks very nice too. The E6400, though it is lower in GHz, is a much better processor than the 3.4GHz Pentium 4. And no, it's not because 2x2.13GHz=4.26GHz, because that isn't how it works; it's just because of the different architecture. The 2x part just means it's dual-core. The 2GB of RAM will be beneficial, and 400GB of hard drive space should last you a while. So with the 7900GT, that's a great system. The X1600SE would really hold it back in games.
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