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Default Advice on a Gaming P.C please

Well it's christmas soon and i've got quite a bit of money saved up, so i thought i'd by myself a nice new comp, I looked around and seen a few good 1s but I have a question I play online games alot like Aoe 3/Quake 4/Battlefield 2 etc so i need a really good graphics card to play them and i was just wondering would this comp play HIGH end new games with super graphics/battles?

3.2 Ghz
400 GB
512mb nvidia geforce 7600GS Graphics card
Intel Pentium D 950 Dual Core Processor

Costs somthing like 700 without the screen.

I have 1000 to spent though so idk yet but that's the comp i'm looking at right now graphics card seems nice, Intel, Alot of space for games, Ghz is pretty decent so idk you guys probably know alot more than me so i could use some advice please thanks.
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