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Thread: New person
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Default Re: New person

Originally Posted by G35x
Because he didnt stay ten minutes after he posted..He made a thread, 5-6 people replied within the next 10 minutes, and he didnt reply. He joined, made a thread, only has one post. meaning he made a thread and logged off..Most people that plan on staying atleast make a good 5-10 posts before loggin off for the 1st time..Just how I think about it..I could be wrong, for all I know he'll be back tomorrow.
Right, thanks, I too think he won't be back, he's got the drift, he's obviously a chancer, yet another dead account, looking at the members list I get the the scale of this, it appears there are hundreds, loads on each page, some joined three years ago, made one post, then nothing, for a variety of reasons.
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