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Default Re: AMD XP 2000+ Equivilant

Originally Posted by Lord Mythirion
What is AMD XP 2000+'s equivilant processor from Intel? I need to know what kind of games that processor can do.
Well, some games run off the GPU these days. But new games like Alan Awake use the CPU for Phyics and giving the GPU data to render. With the AMD XP 2000+, you cant get that far with newer games. It all depends on what type of ram you have, what speed is your ram rated, how fast your GPU can render the game.

Also what do you mean, you want to know how fast your AMD would be to a intel. Some people, take there current CPU speed Ex > 1.8 x 1.5 = 2.7GHZ, What is how fast A Intel CPU would be to your AMD. But there is many conflits in that becuase The Intel mit have more cache than the AMD, or more memory Etc..
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