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Default ASUS A8V-E Deluxe RAID ERROR

I have a huge problem. I started my computer and loaded up an Overclock profile [AI N.O.S. (non-delay over clock system) @ 10%]. I have done this before with no errors. I was listening to music and looking at my website stats when the song started to skip, i ignored it. Then the song skiped again so I attempted to shut down my computer...the computer was frozen. So I hit the reset button(MISTAKE).

Upon resetting I get an error

"Scaning, Disk Drivers...."
"BIOs not be installed" (somthing like that)

I reset and go into Bios, somehow, and look under Hard Disk Drive and my two hard drives are not there...werid

I reset and restore bios to default settings. Hard drives are back but no longer carry the RAID configuareation.

Is there any way i can get the RAID back? I was using RAID for capicity.
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