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Default Re: car audio, right section?

sorry, im not really sure what section this should go it. its not really computer related, so i put it here, in the social lounge, where subject matter has no requirements.

anyway, heres my couple questions.

for loudness/spl, what is better:
- alpine typeR's or
- alpine typeS's?

and would the alpine m650 be a good amp to use that with 2 of either of those subs? (i found some of those amps for $200, which is about 100 under msrp. so i might get those.)

anyway, thanks for helping.
well for the Alpine type R sub, that would be the choce to go, but in the doesn't say if that sub is stable into 2 ohms. if it is, then you'll get the most out of it, with little effort from the amp. i would go with the better sub for the fact of upgrading the amp.

As for the amp you picked there, that's a good amp there, running in mono mode 1 channel 600x1 watts stable into 2 ohms.

that should be plenty of power to power the sub, and it should sound what kind of an encloser are you going with for the sub.. sealed or ported ?
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