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Default Re: Warhead's candies

Originally Posted by Brookfield
They sure were, doctor's intervention proved that, I'll be interested to see the response I get, when schools ban them, well! and made in Taiwan eek!
I would rather have it made in Taiwan rather than made in China. Being an informed Chinese, all I can say is that some places in China use less than healthy methods of producing food. You probably won't find any more fake stuff than in China. You can have fake soy sauce, fake eggs, fake whatever! There were reports in some chinese newspapers a while ago talking about how some vendors sold roast pidgeon (yes, it's somewhat of a delicacy), but instead of using pidgeon, it was really mice caught from the street side. Or there was this whole thing a while ago where some reporter was suspicious about this stinky tofu place, and he went undercover. Stinky tofu is made stinky by a certain fermentation process, but what these guys did is way beyond nasty. What they did to make it stinky was by urinating and using feces on trays of tofu to give it a stinky flavor. Later, health officials and police raided the place, and when they opened the boxes of tofu with shit and piss covering it, some threw up and one or two even fainted.

So don't think that just because it's made in Taiwan, it sucks. It isn't. Be glad it's not made in China, or you may find yourself consuming fake Mega Warheads. Becides, some of the best computer hardware companies are in or are from Taiwan. ASUS, ASRock, Acer, BenQ, MSI, HIS, DFI, Abit and whole bunch.
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