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Default Re: really annoying. yes! another car thread.

the trouble is this...
I touched everything in the car, and I've had my friends and things in the car as well... the lighter is the only thing that is unique, and I touched that when I picked it up... (also it's the nature of a lighter that people borrow them, so it could have hundreds of finger prints on it...).

besides, I agree with deathstar, nothing was taken, will the police actually care?

the door... yes, the door is damaged, very very slightly... the trouble about that is this...
first the insurance probably wouldn't pay out because the door hasn't been assessed, and the damage is a minor kink in the metal where I had to bend the door back before I could drive to work. the damage isn't really even noticable, and it's only really charecterized by the paint flaking slightly where the metal has expended/contracted).

it was parked on the street on a fairly major road, (it's not an estate road it's a B-road), and it's usually fairly busy.. (though not so much at night). yes, it probably was an oppertunist, and that person probably wasn't even from around where I live.

yes... I've googled for brstol police in the UK and was taken to their web page. there are three numbers depending on which particular beat management team member in my area I want to talk to...
there is also the general crime stoppers number that I could call to report something like this...

but the question still stands. will I just be logged assured and ignored? I can't actually see any possible action that *could* be taken
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