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Default Re: FeedBack

Yeah, I never found anything wrong with custom titles, like the ones underneath your username. If someone is found abusing it, change it for them, or if possible take away their priviledge of using it.

As for custom avatars, I think we should just have a requests thread, so those who want a certain avatar can have post it and if the staff deems it okay to use, then they upload it for you. That way we don't have to deal with those idiots who abuse it and upload some porn or something for an avatar.

For the signatures, I think we should be allowed more lines, but set the default font to a smaller size so it'll look better. I also think IMG tags should be allowed. It's all down to the moderation of the forums. If someone has an offensive image or something against the rules, notify them to change it and if it's not done within a certain amount of time, change it for them.

I'm sure David wants this forum to look good and professional, but there is a difference between boring and professional. And this place is teetering on the edge of boredom when you look at it. Some asthetic changes sure wouldn't hurt anyone, and if anyone abused it, then it's the moderators job to enforce the rules.
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