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Thread: Jets Fans?
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Default Re: Jets Fans?

Originally Posted by Dev0115
Did you see our new wr, the one who was undrafted, bucchet or watver...ahahah there saying he might be the next big thing, from being undrafted to #1 on our depth chart...He's preety good, made a nice 30yd catch last night, in preseason....Trust me, jets are going 6-10..
turn on cbs, their deffense looked pretty strong. okay the offense was lacking but tampas a good team. we might only be 7 minutes in but the jets are holding their own :-p.

Yah i've ben following him, they did a piece on him on espn today. Im pretty sure thats not how you spell his name, but then again i cant spell it either. Where the heck did he come from (which college)?

EDIT: Im giving you plus rep for being a member of a computer forum and a football fan :-p lol
Karma/rep is always appreciated
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