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Default Re: what was the configuration of your first pc?

well as far as the FIRST computer I ever had, I remember when I was really really young, we had a computer with windows 3.1 on it, then I got one in my room with windows 95 and thought I was cool

The first computer that I actually remember the configuration on was this one that I had about 3 or 4 years back:
HP Pavilion 6630
500MHZ Intel Celeron Processor
10.2GB HDD
Windows 98
16MB integrated graphics
CD-ROM drive
USB 1.1
and here's the kicker.... no ethernet!

I used to think it was fast way back when but now I just laugh
Desktop: Dell Dimension E510, 2.5GB RAM, Intel P4 3.0GHZ, 250GB HDD, Windows Vista Premium. Might not be the best, but the old girl is still running good.
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