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Default Re: Making a Gaming Computer (I need help and advice)

Originally Posted by MikeReiner
1, Will you be using PCI Express or AGP? (The two different types of graphic cards format)
Since he has a budget of $1500 there is no point in getting an agp card.

This is what I would do:
-I'd get my hands on one of those new intels, E6600 or something like that. (if that's even one of the new models )
-Then 2GB of some decent ram (kingston, ocz, mushkin, corsair....)
-Then a good mobo, don't really know much about the mobos for the new intels so I can't help here.
-Then maybe like a 7900GT
-A good quality 500W (or higher) psu, and a nice looking case with some 120mm fans.

When u have the cpu/mobo/vid card/ram picked out then start to look at the rest of the parts.
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