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Thread: Whats worse
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Default Re: Whats worse

or a lot worse...

I've always believed that a lot of a countries debt could be solved by leagalising a popular drug,
but as the article that I linked to suggests, the problem with leagalising it is that you are then faced with issues, 1, what age restrictions (if any) do you put on it, 2, how do you stop children getting it? I mean kids get beer all the time, 3, who gets the profit,

the biggest trouble with generating a profit from it is that people are trying to sell an addictive substance, I mean it's in the governments interest (if they are collecting tax) to have a nation of addicts,
if a company is collecting tax then they are going to try and sell as much as they can, regardless of the consequence.

(that is to say if you leagalise it the drug problem will become a lot bigger rather than smaller).
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