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Thread: Whats worse
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Default Re: Whats worse

Originally Posted by Brookfield
My God will you never learn guys ???, a practically identical thread in a very short space of time, where is the sense???, if you remember, the last one was closed, due to members pressure, & now this, 70+ posts in only two days, & arguments starting to happen already, & don't tell me they're "only discussions"!, well, here's my well-worn warning again, if this one escalates into flaming, it will be closed, I won't ask this time, it'll be based on my own judgement.
As yet, I've seen no flames, and nothing that is even comming close.
I don't see to the point or reason for this warning.
the arguments started at the first post, since it was a question there will always be some for and some against. that's how discussions work. we're not trying to be radical or lifechanging or anything... just having a quiet discussion.

it's true that there are more pot based arrests that convictions.
Marijuana generates more arrests than any other illicit drug. Much of that doesn't have anything to do with law enforcement specifically targeting drug infractions. Much of that is literally somebody's driving a little funny, gets pulled over and the cop smells the marijuana smoke or sees the baggie on the seat. There are relatively few police officers out there who are spending their time trying to catch people using marijuana. More in suburban and rural areas obviously than in urban areas, but marijuana enforcement isn't a very high priority, it's just that there's a lot of marijuana smoking.
i'd like to see a source on your 25% jail space because of weed. that sounds rediculous
indeed thise source suggest that the total number of drug users in american prison are something like 50%, but of that only 10% are in for marijuana related offences.

The federal prison system is heavily oriented toward drug offenses, somewhat more than half of all federal prisoners are in for drug offenses. And some noticeable fraction of that is marijuana. But still, if you look at the overall burden of drug law enforcement and drug related imprisonment, marijuana doesn't count very high. These are all guesses, no one really has good numbers. My best guess is that there are about 400,000 people in prison or jail at any one time for drug offenses: possession, not very much possession, some possession, distribution offenses. Of that something less than 10%--30,000 or 40,000 people--are in prison for marijuana offenses.
so we're actually looking at some 3-5% of the total prison population, (though I esitamte that was a conservative guess), it still nowhere near 25%!)

the article goes on to talk about other drugs (specifically cocaine, but I'm including that bit here because it mentions alcohol
And, yet, what to do about cocaine is really the big drug policy question, unless you're courageous enough to address the problem of what to do about alcohol, which accounts for more violence, more crime, more sickness, more death and more arrests than all other drugs combined.
edit - I forgot to include that source.
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