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Default Out of the closet and into the world!!

Alrighty guys, i've finally grown the go-nads to OC my CPU. As it stands, my clock speed is 2330mhz, multiplier 10, HTT 233, voltage 1.55. idle temperatare is about 41C, load 50C. Not TOO bad.. but I can't overclock much further with stock.

What would you people suggust I buy to make overclocking easier?

Note: I do not care about sound, if the CPU fan is a freaking generator, so be it. I have to keep a wind tunnel on all day, odds are it would be drowned anyway.

The next move down the road about a month is to get some really good memory for overclocking so that I can take this 3200+ to the limit with my cooling, and then the final blow; a brand new CPU.
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