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Thread: Hurt my back!
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Default Re: Hurt my back!

Those of you who are experimenting with them, no matter the volume or frequency, listen to what Brook and Lhuser have to say, and myself as well which was voiced in my very first reply.

If none of us here cared we would encourage you guys to continue but it's a deadly ally we would hate to see any of you go down.
Ah cut the crap, weed is more healthy then alchol, theres research showing that it helps prevent heart cancer, and various other types of diseases if you do it occsiaionally and wisely (IE not running around the town hitting your bong) and if you don't get too serious your safe.

In DARE I was told the first hit of any drug and your addicted you can't stop you crave it. Funny thing is i've had personnal experiences I don't crave it.

Weed is safer then drinking alchol. You can't die from ODing on weed. In fact me and my buddy tried that once, we just feel asleep before we could smoke enough to OD. I don't even think its physically possible to OD on weed, I don't even think there has been any medical report of a kid dieign to a direct case of weed. Maybe if it was laced but 100% pure weed the natural stuff won't kill you. And if you don't do anything stupid well your on it your good.

If you look at the facts, it makes no sense to outlaw weed, but not alchol.

As the saying goes "God made weed, man made beer, who do you trust"
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