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Thread: Hurt my back!
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Default Re: Hurt my back!

Listen to lhuser, no, not because he's a fellow mod, but because he is making a lot of sense, now he & I won't make much difference, but if we could make at least some of you to stop experimenting, & possibly break the chain to hard drugs, the average cost of feeding the habit in Britain is between 500 and 800 a week, if you 16-18 year olds got hooked, how would you pay, & don't say "we'd just stop" that doesn't happen, if you think it's big to do it, & just don't care, think of your family, a friend of a friend's son, 17 years old, couldn't pay any more, his family disowned him. so he jumped from the 10th floor balcony of a block of flats, 2 weeks later his 44 year old mother died suddenly of a heart attack, there was no proof that it was linked to her son's death, but also none to say that it wasn't.

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