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Thread: Hurt my back!
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Default Re: Hurted my back!

Hey, just wondering, can a cop give someone a ticket, when someone on the highway reports some cars..Not saying I did any of this heh...But ok, three black cars, basically going 120 all the way to the beach, at a toll , we see a cop, so we all slow down, once we pass him, he follow..He goes behind the last car, then comes up on the left lane, looks at the last car, then comes up to my car, looks at us, then get infron of me, and in front of me is another car with my friend..My friend swithes lanes, and so does he, so im like shit hes gonna give us a ticket or something...So my friend goes in the the rest area, and we follow...So its all black cars, g35, maxima, murano...and a bunch of kids, so the cop circled around for a bit around the cars, as we went into the rest area food place...Now, if someone calls in, and says some people are driving bad on the road, can they pull you oveer and give a ticket, saying u match the descriptions..ahh that was long
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