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Thread: British Accent
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Default Re: British Accent

Originally Posted by Brookfield
As you probably know, I'm English, & yes, I can do a passable American accent, the one I can do best is the Texan drawl, especially Bush's way of speaking, including his bloopers, the other is the Bawston [sorry, Boston] twang.

I think accents are important, the old idea was that we all went about saying things like: "old bean", "don'tcha know" & "oh, I say! that was nobilityspeak in the 20's & 30's, equally so we don't say "what'cher me old cock sparrer, in the in London's east end, me?, I live on the Isle of Wight now, but was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, & Americans have said I sounded like a cockney, naah, nuffin like it guv!, wot a bl**din' insult, wanna buncha fives??? [translations given on request] lol.
lol, when english people switch on their colloquial phrases its impossible for a foriegner to understand them.
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