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Default Re: Case mod redo is ready

Originally Posted by X800
no no take the black and yellow, there good together. trust me I dont own Black and yellow. no one owns Black and yellow. Please paint it black and yellow, Just dont make the messtake like I did. Buying yellow rust paint. and the day after still stick... I hate rust paint takes too long to fully dry and be dry's a little too late. I changed my mind because black is getting too common now.

Originally Posted by Wombat
Yeah and it will melt all your plastic bit's and pieces as well...
Well thinking, but I have tried it already, to see. It will not even melt anything. It is as solid as it is before the apply.

Just wondering, what happend the the "room fan" idea...Werent you going to that a long time ago?
I plan to finish it up too, but I need led fans powered by 4 molex PSU that is not from Tigerdirect. Really hard to find.
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