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Default Case mod redo is ready

Ok, I have bought the following:

Red Chrome paint
Grey metal paint
Body filler (For mistakes done)
Automotive paint stripper (To remove ALL paint applied)
Body filler spread tool (A sort of thing women buys...looking like a cake spatula)

To be bought:
I have $70 and I might buy a $35 450W PSU to replace the 250W one.

What's to do:
  • Remove paint from all sides including plastic
  • Body fill the parts that I scratched in too much
  • Paint the main casing grey metal and a red stripe on top.
  • Paint the CD/FDD front plastic red.

The whole operation was a great success. Although, the sparkles on the grey made it ruffer than being soft. I don't care. The product is neat. I will now wait a big time so it dries and then, I am reassembling. Once finished and cleaned up, pics time!
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