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Default Re: Cycle of Reboots!!!*with pictures*

Just grabbed this off a site:

What is loaded in RAM?

Items in RAM can be divided into:
  • The Non-Paged area. Parts of the System which are so important that they may never be paged out - the area of RAM used for these is called in XP the ‘Non-Paged area’. Because this mainly contains core code of the system, which is not likely to contain serious faults, a Blue Screen referring to ‘Page Fault in Non-Paged area’ probably indicates a serious hardware problem with the RAM modules, or possibly damaged code resulting from a defective Hard disk. It is, though, possible that external utility software (e.g. Norton) may put modules there too, so if such faults arise when you have recently installed or updated something of this sort, try uninstalling it.
  • The Page Pool which can be used to hold:
    • Program code,
    • Data pages that have had actual data written to them, and
    • A basic amount of space for the file cache (known in Windows 9x systems as Vcache) of files that have recently been read from or written to hard disk.
Any remaining RAM will be used to make the file cache larger.
So, try removing any recent programs, such as Real Player. That might sort it. If not, it doesn't look good.
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