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Default Re: my friend got ripped off

Originally Posted by Nik00117
Best buy employees are paid with a nice fat bonus for everything they sell therefore they BULLSHIT YOU. I once asked if a geforce 5200 would run windows 95, my reply was no you need at least a geforce 6800GT to get the most of windows 95. And I went to bad I know what I am talking about and left.

That sli networking one is good , just shows how incredily moronic and idiotic people can be. I've had a customer not believe that APG was going be phased out because the guy at the store told him so. I was like that guy at teh store threw in his application just wanting beer money, APG is out the door... Really if you want real honset, good to the true heart opinions and facts talk to poeple like us on CF. We won't lie, why? Because we don't get paid if we lie or tell the truth.

I admit I may make somthing sound more complex then it really is if I am trying to sell somthing. But other then that my advice is down, to earth. In my BP I eve state if a employee ever lies or misleads a customer he gets kicked out the door.

Your friend got ripped. I'd return that laptop, I don't see why poeple buy in stores anyways internet is just as safe and the savings is well worth it.
Haha, I would rather have a Best Buy employee than a Fry's employee, though. Fry's has them on comission, which makes for very annoying salesmen.
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