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Default Re: What Would You Do

Originally Posted by Nik00117
Lets say your watching TV, and you just won 100,000,000 after taxes and you got in a lump sum?

What would you do with 100,000,000 bucks or euros either one don't make a difference.
This is a fun and relaxing thread. $100,000,000 is A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!! First thing I would do is to invest $10,000,000 into a high yield Swiss account with interest. Then I would give my immediate family member a very generous chunk of that winning. The rest of my relatives can get bent. I'm not close to them and don't even know who the hell they are. Sorry.

I will keep it low profile like you. No need to spread the news. People will be all over you, even the ones you don't know. I will pay off my loans, buy a nice new car, a house, take a vacation around the world, and I would do a lot more community work. I like to put up a permanent church for Newsongs here in southern california. It will be state of the art and on a huge lot. I'll think about starting a business too. I'll keep going to school and finish my BS.
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