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Default Re: Voodoo Child and john123 - Might wanna see this thread

Originally Posted by Voodoo Child
suck up what?

and a post before, so now i got permission from a mod to swear correct?

post whore, ya wtf is that?

and not pwned? no he wasnt pwned. that was stupid for me to say pwned.

but my name doesnt start with an M. maybe he is saying i am a um, a bad work starting with an M, of which i cant think of any that would make sense.
Dont be so cocky. You are a post whore. But who cares so am I. Then were even. Although you double posted to guru, and continue to do it. Just stop.

Suck up that everyone doesnt like your double posting, and how you dont post with any education. Suck that up (grin and bear it) and continue about your busness.

Now, this is just going to get really bad. Pm me to talk, or ill get on aim. Whatever you want. Pm me for what you wanna do.
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