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Default problems when starting up my computer

i have two problems

1. when i restart my comp, i get an error message saying that my "SATA primary dive Raid 0 not found"

it offers 2 choices. to either hit F1 to start up anyway, or hit F2 for the setup menu

i always hit F1 and it starts up and everything appears normal. so what does this mean? adn what can i do to fix it.

2. I cant start my computer in safe mode. evertime i restart i tap F8 repeatedly and then right before i get the primary drive error message, it says "keyboard failure" and then shwos the error message from before. so i cant even get into my BIOS menu. so how else can i start in safe mode? and whats going on here?

I have been trying to start in safe mode so i can run a virus cleaner to see if i have a trojan virus, because i think it may infected.

and also, everytime i start my computer up this folder opens called "system 32". i dont know how to stop it from doing that. even after i reformatted my computer last time it kept doing that. any help would be much appreciated.
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