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Default Re: Arrested/Close Call

I was more then a little scared. But you'd have to be mad to attempt a school shooting on a military base thats home to NATO's HQ. It'd be you and going aganist a full army. You'd be so screwed. I'm sure that kid is in a lot of trouble for one having a gun on a military base without it being authuized is A MAJOR LAW where you get serious jail time let alone stealing a weopon from a secuirty officer is even worse on top of that intending on shooting up a school... Godi i'd hate to be the kid that got caught.

First time i've had a rifle pointed at me where the guy would of shot and Ii'd make a wrong move, so I just as I said got on my knees said I got nothing on me and kept my hands up without them asking. Figuring once I saw the uniform it was a lock down and i'd be cleared. It happened to my buddy once doing a drug bust.
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