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Default dotOmega

Just felt like showing off my Internet Prowess (I love that word almost as much as Suppleate, Insinuative, and Hyperbole) to anybody who might just be passing the way of the Wed Design Forum. Not that that happenes very much apparently.

dotOmega Design

We're designing a Forum System, we have some guys on the PHP, we have me on the HTML and JavaScript, this is what I have by the way of JavaScript. I did a ComputerForums one too, just for poops and funzies, to show that the design works outside the Microsoft-style light blue themes and can work for any site with its own particular style.

Obviously its still work in progress, the scroll bar only scrolls pixel to pixel rather than by percentage dependant on the length of the page its scrolling, I'm fixing that, the Dialog Box does not change according to what you define and it doesn't close or minimize, I'm working on that. The main page does not scroll because I'm still getting the Scroll working. There is no content in the main page besides Style Switchers because the main page will be JavaScripted in upon demand, hopefully allowing users to browse a dotOmega Forum completely refreshlessly (I like that word too). Just wondered what anybody thought about it
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