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Default Turning Off Problem

I had this problem with my computer awhile ago. The computer would turn on normally and then after awhile it would turn off by itself and to turn it back on again i would have to take the plug out and put it back in again. Eventually it had turned off and it was impossible for it to turn on again so i took it to a shop and they fixed it. But they never told me what was wrong with it. It was fine for awhile and it has started to happen again.

My first thought was the memory. Considering i had about 60 processes running at bootup and i only had 512mb. So i bought a gb of memory. Put it in, recognized the memory. And then it turned off again. So i tested a lot of things.

My second thought would be the graphics card since it has its own connector to the PSU so i was thinking maybe it might need to much and my PSU cant provide enough. SO i took out the graphics card and used the onboard graphics, but still it wouldnt work.

I then tried to go into the BIOS to see if the computer would turn off during the BIOS. If it did, then i knew it was either a motherboard problem or a processor problem. But it didn't. It turns out it will only turn off when it goess into windows.

So then i thought, maybe its a software problem. So i formatted the disk...and then while re-installing windows. It turns off again.

It can't be a memory problem, a graphics card problem, a motherboard, a processor or a software problem. My last choice, must be the PSU. But i was talking to my dad and he thinks, it could still be a motherboard or a processor problem. SO i came on here just to ask you all your thoughts. Is it definately a PSU problem. I just don't want to waste money on buying something that i dont need. Especially my processor considering it is a very good one.
Thanks for any help.
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